Joseph Martinez

HTITI Executive Director on Naval Operations

Lake Shore, Maryland


Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese


2015-Present  Curriculum developer with U.S. Department of State


Reviews, updates and improves various curriculum for USDS, Office of Diplomatic Security, Antiterrorism Assistance Program.

2014-Present  Senior Instructor - Honduras Police Department


Provide instruction in "Criminal Source Management" and "Basic Surveillance and Surveillance Detection" training to assist HPD in infiltrarting drug cartels in Northern Honduras.


2009-2014  Senior Instructor with DIA


Mr. Martinez served four years as a "Certified Instructor" for the Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Opertions Course (AFCIOC), at the Defense Intelligence Agency's Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA).  His team was the recipient of the 2012 Department of Defense (DoD) CI and HUMINT Enterprise Team Award.  He was the Final (Exam) Exercise Chair, validating student understanding and capabilties for DoD Case Officer certification.  He provided Surveillance Detection & Counter-Surveillance instruction among other related classes.  He coordinated course activities with members of the Intelligence Community, including the FBI, and he verified course objectives to ensure that they met DoD and National Levels Standards.


2002-2008 Senior Staff member for the Director (NCIS Assignment)

2008-2009 Consultant to the Director


After serving as a Senior Staff member for the Director of DARPA, the Director asked Mr. Martinez if he would return to DARPA as a consultant after retirement, to create a new Counterintelligence architecture plan that incorporated DARPA's disparate security entitities.  At risk was DARPA's Research and Development programs and personnel from foreign exploitation, including vulnerable collaborative research projects with foreign countries.  Mr. Martinez created a Functional Counterintelligence Program that integrated all the Counterintelligence related functions at DARPA.

1983-2008  Naval Criminal Investigative Service


Mr. Martinez has 25 years experience with NCIS in criminal investigations, counterintelligence operations, counterterrorism investigations, and other methodologies designed to protect American military assets.  He served as the "Special Agent Afloat" aboard USN Naval Aircraft Carriers USS Saratoga and the USS Independence, where he boarded vessels suspected of illegal activities.  His specialties include:

  • Counterintelligence Operations (CI)
  • Counterterrorism Investigations (CT)
  • Cyber Warfare Support
  • Espionage Investigations
  • Law Enforcement (Felony) Investigations
  • Management
  • VIP Protective Service Detail (PSD)

Awards and Commendations

Two Office of the Secretary of Defense medals

for Exceptional Civilian Service

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