Human Trafficking involves the act of compelling or coercing a person's labor, services, or commercial sex.  That coercion may be physical or psychological, subtle or overt. Anti-Human Trafficking crimes are rooted in the prohibitions against slavery guaranteed by the by 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.  It is modern-day slavery.


The Human Trafficking Investigations & Training Institute (HTITI) offers instructor-led courses oriented to law enforcement.  Our courses are reviewed and certified by the National Emergency Communications Institute (NECI), Atlanta, GA.  NECI has provided public safety certification courses since 1987, which has been officially recognized by many state public safety commissions and boards.  NECI meet all known public safety training standards including NHTSA and CALEA.  HTITI will provide an assessment-based certificate for those students who successfully completed the performance standards for each course, as described in the respective course manual.

Educating our leaders to end slavery

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