Human Trafficking involves the act of compelling or coercing a person's labor, services, or commercial sex.  That coercion may be physical or psychological, subtle or overt. Anti-Human Trafficking crimes are rooted in the prohibitions against slavery guaranteed by the by 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.  It is modern-day slavery.


It is the mission of the Human Trafficking Investigations & Training Institute (HTITI) to combat human trafficking locally, nationally, and internationally by establishing awareness and investigative training programs empowering law enforcement agencies, first responders, other government entities, and civic-minded professionals, with the knowledge and expertise to work cohesively toward recognizing community human trafficking issues, free victims of human trafficking, and bring traffickers to justice.


HTITI offers instructor-led courses oriented to law enforcement.  Our courses are recognized by many state Police Officer Standard and Training (POST) councils. HTITI will provide an assessment-based certificate for those students who successfully completed the performance standards for each course, as described in the respective course manual or lesson plan.

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Educating our leaders to end slavery

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